Looking to try a hot drink that’s a little different to the black tea we’re all so used to drinking? Perhaps the fresh flavour of fresh mint tea will be up your street.

Fresh mint tea is caffeine free, so even those who are trying to cut this substance out from their diets can enjoy sampling a cup of mint tea.

One great time to try it is at the end of an evening meal as an after-dinner hot drink, because it is not as likely to keep you up at night as caffeinated tea or coffee are, given that some people find taking in caffeine near bedtime stops them sleeping.

It’s such a simple drink to make. All you need to do is add a few rinsed mint leaves to a mug and add hot water. Allow the drink to cool a little so that it is ready to drink and not too hot, then enjoy!

If you like you can strain the leaves from the water once brewed, for example by passing the mixture through a regular tea strainer. But you should find that the leaves do not get in your way as you enjoy this hydrating beverage.

You can buy fresh mint for making tea in many places. But one very convenient thing about drinking mint tea is that you can grow fresh mint at home.

Mint can be grown in containers and home growing will mean you will be able to make a cup of mint tea for yourself or for dinner party guests so easily - you won’t have to head out to buy any ingredients, but can simply pluck them from a plant in your own home.

Those who aim to make the most sensible healthy living choices in the things they eat and drink may well want to take their tea without sugar, as a way of lowering the amount of this substance they take in. But it can be sweetened if you wish, with sugar or honey, for example.