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Now more than ever it is important to optimise our immune system health in order to prepare our body to fight-off the new viral infection or deal with seasonal allergies. Our immune system is constantly ex...posed to microbes, and most of the times it succeeds in protecting us from getting ill. Only sometimes a germ invades our body, causing us to fall ill. A balanced diet, exercise, and good-quality sleep are fundamental to maintain a healthy body, but there are also some herbs, superfoods and supplements you could take that may help strengthening your immunity. Our organic superfood powders high in antioxidants, vegan probiotics and health supplements can be the perfect products for you.

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  1. Amalaki (Amla) Capsules, Organic Fresh-ground®
    As low as £9.00
    Amalaki, also know as Amla or Indian Gooseberry, and is rich in vitamin C. Learn More
  2. Amla Juice Fresh Pressed® 500ml
    • 100% wild grown pure Amla Juice• Rich in Vitamin C; a powerful antioxidant, immune builder and collagen... Learn More
  3. Astragalus Organic Tincture 100ml
    As low as £15.00
    Astragalus has been used in the Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years for its immune boosting... Learn More
  4. Haritaki Capsules, Organic Fresh-ground®, 60 Caps
    50% OFF
    Special Price £4.50 Regular Price £9.00
    Certified Organic Fresh-Ground® Haritaki Rich source of Vitamin C; important antioxidant and synthesis of... Learn More
  5. Advanced Curcumin C3 Complex® min 95% curcuminoids With BioPerine® Black pepper extract 95% Highly bioavailable... Learn More
  6. Vegan Biotic Balance 10bn 90 Caps
    • Contains 10 billion cfu per dose.• Specially selected multi-strain blend• Contains FOS, a soluble fibre to help... Learn More
  7. Wholefood Vitamin C, 60 Caps
    50% OFF
    Special Price £6.00 Regular Price £12.00
    Contains a special gentle vitamin form Ester CCombined with Citrus Bioflavonoids and antioxidant rich Strawberry and... Learn More
  8. Wholefood Vitamin D, 60 Caps
    Carefully formulated to include 100% RDA of vitamin DContains Montmorency Cherry, which also helps to calm the nervous... Learn More
  9. Wholefood Zinc, 60 Caps
    Zinc incorporated in Cocoa, Flax seed and Shiitake mushroom powdersShiitake mushrooms have immune modulating... Learn More

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