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We all want glowing, smooth, soft-looking skin, and strong, shiny nails. At Fushi we make an incredible variety of oils, herbal and mineral supplements that help reinforcing and nourishing our ski...n and nails. And let’s not forget that our skin and nails, on top of working as a barrier to protect us from external agents, they are part of one of the detoxification systems, so they can tell us many things about our inner health –our digestion, circulation, hormonal health, etc... Observe to what your skin and nails have to tell you!

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  1. Rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, Vitamin A & E. Penetrates the hair follicles and keeps the hair... Learn More
  2. Best Superfood Berry Blend
    50% OFF
    As low as £13.01
    This innovative, unique and natural blend contains the best of the superfood berries and an intense blend of powerful... Learn More
  3. BioVedic™ Enzyme Face Wash 150ml
    • Delivers nourished, hydrated and revitalised skin.• Perfect exfoliator to rejuvenate a tired looking... Learn More
  4. Great moisturiser and help soothe dry skin and chapped skin Rich in anti-septic and anti-microbial properties,... Learn More
  5. Coconut Organic Oil Virgin Fresh-Pressed
    50% OFF
    As low as £3.00
    Fresh pressed, Organic Pure Srilankan Coconut Oil Known for its incomparable taste, quality and... Learn More
  6. Naturally hypoallergenic oil Balancing oil for both dry and oily skin Rich in Vitamin E Suitable for skin and hair Learn More
  7. Pure Aloe Vera Juice Organic 500ml
    Out of stock
    • Organically grown, hand selected leaves from mature plants• Cold processed and unfiltered to maximise potency•... Learn More
  8. Double concentrate 100% plant derived Vitamin E Non-Gmo ɑ, ß, γ & d Tocopherols Blended with pure organic... Learn More
  9. A synergistic formula to promote healthy skin, hair and nails.{{block class="Magento\Cms\Block\Block"... Learn More
  10. Excellent emollient Soften and re-condition the skin Extremely nourishing, it is rich in proteins, vitamin D and... Learn More
  11. Vegan Omega Totale Oil Blend 100ml
    Fushi Fresh-Pressed Vegan Omega blend is an ideal omega 3 source for vegetarians and vegans. Sustainable, renewable... Learn More
  12. Our top selling beauty supplement for skin, hair and nails is one of the most unique complexes and the only formulation... Learn More

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